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go warriors

Added Resource / Edited by ISVI Booster Club


go warriors

Added Resource / Edited by ISVI Booster Club

go warriors

Added Resource / Edited by ISVI Booster Club

go warriors

Added Resource / Edited by ISVI Booster Club


Donation to the Booster Club or PTO

Our PTO & Booster Club works with ISVI and try to help meet the many needs of the students and teachers.   The PTO works more directly with what's happening in the classrooms as well as functions associated with the students and their functions. 

The Booster Club assists the school in supporting the athletic programs.   ISVI offers 7 different sports and competes in 3 IHSA sports (Wrestling, Girls & Boys Swimming).


The Booster Club started the year off by purchasing new warm-ups for the programs, as well as, uniforms for several teams, some smaller equipment, and as each season begins: purchases team shirts for the teams.   


These purchases are only attainable through donations and various fundraisers.   As a school, there are funds to support our teams, but everything now is getting more expensive, especially overnight stays.


To make a donation to either the PTO or Booster Club you can utilize our Venmo account and be sure to specify PTO and/or Booster Club on the notes.  


Recent Donations include:

A donation in Memory of Barbara Tatum

 - ISVI Alumni Jessica Tatum & Kevin Banker

A donation in Honor of Jaeleanna

 - Ms. Kebler's 1st Grade Class in Champaign

A donation in Honor of all the hard work put in by ISVI Student-Athletes

 - Lil Jess Jeep in Quincy


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If you would like to become a sponsor and have your company/business logo on our site, Click Here to email Mr. Mansell our Athletic Director for more information.


Donations of any amount, help make a difference.  Upon receiving a donation, we'll send you a thank you letter and provide you with an update on how your donation has helped make a difference.


The Booster Club utilizes Venmo, however, if you'd rather sdend a check, please ensure the check out to ISVI Booster Club or ISVI PTO and mail it to:

ISVI Booster Club % Mr. Mansell

658 East State Street

Jacksonville, Illinois 62650