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Updated on 07/05/2024

We are very thankful of all the organizations and business' that support our students, school, and activities. 

The donations, advertisements, and sponsors obviously help us by their financial donations, but equally important: they help us to build stronger connections between the Illinois School for the Visually Impaired and the community. 


As with every school, budgets are tight and the cost of activities and sports continue to rise.  ISVI is a residential school in which our students are from all over the state.  Unlike our local public schools, the vast majority of our students are not local. At the same time, our students are integrated throughout Jacksonville and as a result, Jacksonville becomes their 2nd home.


From their first day of attendance, our students learn to advocate for themselves and become as independent as possible.  We’re fortunate in that this community embraces all the schools.  This is evident by the local business’s’ willingness not just to allow our students to work in various job opportunities, but to work with each student reinforcing the responsibility, knowledge, and pride of working as a team.  All this raises the self-confidence of each student while building a connection with the community.   


ISVI offers seven sports: Track, Goalball, Cheerleading, Wrestling, Bowling, Forensics, and Swimming.  We are part of a Conference that includes 12 State Schools for the Blind/Visually Impaired. (Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, South DaKota, Tennessee, & Wisconsin).   Therefore, each school needs to travel a good distance in order to compete.  As a result of the ads, donations, and sponsorships, the Booster Club is able to assist all the programs to ensure these opportunities remain available.  

In 2024-25 ISVI will play host to multiple events including the NCASB Conference Championships for Bowling, Forensics, & Swimming.  Some of the events we’ll host include: 


  • Low-Vision Clinic
  • Illinois Regional Braille Challenge
  • Plays
  • Musicals
  • Concerts/Talent Shows 
  • Art Show


  • Track Invite
  • Goalball Invite
  • Mega-Dual – 8 area public schools / Wrestling
  • Wrestling Tourney
  • NCASB Conference Finals - Bowling
  • NCASB Conference Finals - Forensics
  • NCASB Conference Finals – Swimming
    • NCASB Conference = 12 State Schools for the Blind/Visually Impaired


2024-25 Goals

  • Purchase new choir polo shirts, as well as some props for the Music/Drama Department.
  • Assist/support the Braille Challenge
  • Assist with travel out-of-state costs as needed
  • Assist with facility rental fees (bowling alley, Illinois College, JHS) as needed
  • Assist with Officials’ fees for various events as needed
  • Replace some older uniforms
  • Purchase some smaller items for individual teams.

If you would like to be a place an ad, make a donation, and/or become a sponsor -, let us know and Thank you for your support! 


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Thank you for your support!

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