Booster Club's Fundraiser

Updated on 06/24/2024

The ISVI Booster Club will be selling Football Cards for the NFL season.   Each week we're guaranteed at least 1 WINNER from our allotment of tickets we're selling.  Your 1 Ticket gives you two chances to Win each week in the NFL season.   There's 18 weeks of NFL football - contact us for ticket information.


Over the past 3 seasons - from our stack of tickets to sell - we've had 65 people Win $$$  Purchase yours Today!


The Booster Club works with ISVI to offset the costs of each sport as well as the cost of using outside facilities such as JHS, MAC, IC, & The Bowl Inn.  

Each year, the Booster Club purchases team-shirts, Warm-ups, Uniforms, some equipment, and works with the school to offset costs using outside facilities.   Fundraisers like this one, help make all these things happen.


This is an exciting game based on professional football.  NO skill is necessary to play & there's No picking teams or winners.  

To play, just add up the points scored by the 3 teams on the back of your card.  The highest and lowest scoring cards will WIN Cash prizes!   Check out the attachment.

  • Tickets are $20  . 
  • Cash,
  • Check (payable to Booster Club),
  • or  Venmo  @BoosterClubISVI 
  • Tickets are on sale now. 
  • Contact:  
  • Mr. Mansell  or  Mrs. Howard 
  • for tickets and more Information
  • If you would like to help and sell some tickets contact Mr. Mansell.
    • Any help selling tickets would be appreciated.
  • On the back of the ticket are 3 different teams for each NFL week.
  • Out of our allotment of tickets that we are selling ... we have a minimum of 1 winner each week / GUARANTEED
  • If your 3 teams combine to score the most or least points from our allotment of tickets - You Win.
  • Your $20 ticket gives you two chances a week to Win for 18 weeks
    • That's $0.90 a week for 18 weeks.
Tickets are $20 each
  • The top 25 tickets with the highest scores for the week will Win cash prizes along with the lowest 5 scoring tickets.
  • 30 cash prizes given away each week!    
  • You are not required to do anything, if your ticket is a winner you will be notified by Mrs. Howard or Mr. Mansell and the money will be given/sent to you immediately / no waiting. 
  • If you've misplaced your ticket, it's ok as it's registered online and will let us know immediately if you have Won.
  • If you are interested in purchasing a ticket(s) or would like more information, contact us either by email or phone.  
The ISVI Athletic Boosters appreciates your support and know you are going to love this fundraiser!


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